Lashdigit Records is an independent, out-of-pocket record label that was created to release projects by Carlos Marzano.
The label was originally formed in the California Bay Area in 1997 as The House of Fixx Records and was used to release demo recordings by Adverse Side-FX, a San Jose based band that Carlos played drums for. The label name was later shortened to HOF Records and the first official release, "Corporate Life," was pressed in 1998. A full-length album, "A Tale of Lunatic Daring," was later released in 1999 as well as "The Maggot EP" shortly thereafter.
In March 2000, Carlos moved to New York City and began his solo project HypoFixx. Several singles, albums, and videos were released, giving him a humble amount of local and international success. In 2005, HOF Records was renamed to Lashdigit Records because of a dispute with another entity using the same name. Both HOF Records are now dissolved.
Presently, Lashdigit Records is the home of a few electronic projects—HypoFixx (industrial), Telophazer (trance), Numbers On Computer (noize), and Echomirror (covers).
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LDR028DGHypoFixx "Postmechanical: Aftermath (2003-2015)" (Digital Album, 2020)
LDR027DGTelophazer "Mute" (Digital EP, 2019)
LDR026SVEchomirror "Alice" (7 Inch, 2018, Physical Only Release)
LDR025CDEchomirror "And The Shadow Smiles" (CD Album, 2018, Physical Only Release)
LDR024DGHypoFixx "Another Form Of Hate" (Digital Single, 2018)
LDR023DGHypoFixx "Symbiosis" (Digital Album, 2018)
LDR022DGNumbers On Computer "Operation Interference" (Digital Album, 2017)
LDR021DGHypoFixx "Don't Change" (Digital Single, 2016)
LDR020TWHypoFixx "Destroy This Nation" (12 Inch, 2015)
LDR019TW-DHypoFixx "Postmechanical: Retrospective (2002-2012)" (Double 12 Inch Album, 2015)
LDR018CDHypoFixx "Postmechanical: Retrospective (2002-2012)" (CD Album, 2015)
LDR017CDHypoFixx "Destroy This Nation" (CD Single, 2015)
LDR016TWTelophazer "Let Me Forget" (12 Inch Single-sided Clear Purple Vinyl, 2015)
LDR015SVTelophazer "Another Day Begins" (7 Inch, 2015)
LDR014TWTelophazer "Another Day Begins" (12 Inch, 2015)
LDR013CDTelophazer "Another Day Begins" (CD Single, 2015)
LDR012TW-PHypoFixx "Postmechanical: Remix Sampler" (12 Inch Promo, 2014)
LDR011CDHypoFixx "The Sixth Permutation" (CD Double Album, 2011)
LDR010CDTelophazer "Let Me Forget" (CD Single, 2010)
LDR009CDRTelophazer "Breaking The Spindle" (CDR EP, 2009)
LDR008CDHypoFixx "After December" (CD Double Album, 2007)
LDR007CDHypoFixx "Shattered From The Inside" (CD Single, 2006)

HOF RECORDS (1998-2005)
HF006DVHypoFixx "Videos From The Machine" (DVD, 2005)
HF005CDHypoFixx "From Man To Machine" (CD Album, 2003)
HF004CDHypoFixx "I'll Never Be" (CD Single, 2002)
HF003CDRAdverse Side-FX "The Maggot EP" (CDR EP, 2000)
HF002CDAdverse Side-FX "A Tale of Lunatic Daring" (CD Album, 1999)
HF001CDAdverse Side-FX "Corporate Life" (CD EP, 1998)
VARIOUS ARTISTSBright Yellow Gun (Throwing Muses Tribute)
VARIOUS ARTISTSElectrified (Cliff Cage's Minimal Destruction Mix)
EGO LIKENESSBurn Witch Burn (HypoFixx Remix)
PROMETHEUS BURNINGSome Things Are Meant To Be Broken (HypoFixx Remix)
ANDRAKODestruction Engine (HypoFixx Remix)